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Scout meeting 16/02/17

Scout meeting 16/02/17

Refugee Evening

As young leaders Moza and I often help out with the weekly scout meeting but this week we were given the task of running it. Our theme for the evening was refugees with the aim to highlight the issue of refugees and in doing so, help the scouts become a step closer to achieving their world challenge badge.

Currently the issue of refugees is huge and there are lots of contrasting views on the issue. However, all we wanted to do was relay the facts and statistics to the scouts and show them that nobody chooses to be a refugee and that, unfortunately, anyone could become a refugee.

After a game we got straight into the activities and managed to get some productive discussions going which was really positive and great to see. Then the evening ended with another game which got cumulatively louder as the scouts got more and more engrossed!

We hope everyone enjoyed the evening  and went home having learnt something new.


Entry by Hannah, young leader and explorer.

Hannah Gale

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