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Cubs: 8 – 10 1/2

Cubs meet regularly at 2nd Ryde HQ on somerset road, we meet on a Tuesday evening from 6:30 pm till 8:00 pm. We have a large range of activities from decorating chocolate hearts to Fire Safety and Drills.

At cubs we have four leaders and one young leader.

  • Becky Donovan – Akela
  • Michelle – Raksha
  • Sam – Chil
  • Joseph – Bagheera 
  • Young leader – Rhys Wright – Sherekhan

As well as Food decorating and Fire Safety, we also do activities based of teamwork and building friendships. An example of this is the team leader badge which consists of teaching skills to other cubs and welcoming new people into the pack.

As a Cub pack we annually take part in the county Cub Camp, at the Corf camp site in shalfleet, Cub camp consists of 3 days and 2 nights. The first day consists of an introduction and flag break to the years Cub camp and a wide game which involves the whole camp walking/running around the site (within restrictions) completing challenges and missions. The second day of Cub camp consists of bases and activities organised by each group based around the theme of the years camp. The third day of Cub camp is the main day of the “Carrot Road Show” who are a national group who travel around the country performing at camps and festivals as children’s entertainment. As well as the “Carrot Road Show” the third day is taken up by the costume contest. The costume contest has 5 categories; Best beavers, Best cubs, Best scouts , Best explores and Best group. Each catagory consists of First, Second and Third.

The highest award attainable at Cub scouts is the Chief Scouts Silver award. The Chief Scouts Silver award is obtained by completing Six activity or staged activity badges, as well as completing the seven challenge badges. The seven challenge badges are 

  • Our world challenge badge 
  • Our skills challenge badge 
  • Our outdoors challenge award 
  • Our adventure challenge award
  • Teamwork challenge award
  • Team leader challenge award 
  • Personal challenge award