• 2ndRyde@isleofwightscouts.org.uk

Explorers: 14 – 18

When? Thursdays @ 8-9pm

Leaders: Sue and John Budd

What do we do at Explorers? We work towards getting our Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Awards; go on activity and fun filled camps (which include Kayaking, hiking, pioneering cooking, orienteering, hiking and more); plan Scout meetings; DIY projects (e.g. Nanobugs); work towards of Chief Scout and Queen Scout Awards; have people come in for talks (e.g. Mountain Rescue and Wight Wildlife Photography); cooking; planning events (e.g. The Christingle which we hosted Christmas 2016) and much more, you’ll have to join to find out!

Pip the bear by the lake.
Our DofE expedition aim was to photograph Pip the bear along our route and create a story about him. This was also an ideal way of documenting our trip.